The archives of the Diocese of Geraldton is a private Archive and access by individuals is ordinarily not available.

This archives can fulfill search requests regarding Baptismal, Confirmation and Marriage records for deceased family members. The archives only have limited death records. Burial or graveyard information are often available through Shires or Cemetery Boards.  We do not conduct full family research.

Search Fee (incl. GST):

  • Search request $33 per hour. The first $33 must be paid when submitting your 'Archives Search Request Form' (below).
  • If the search is to extend beyond one hour, we will contact you to confirm if you wish to make a further payment.

PLEASE NOTE: There are no charges for search requests relating to persons requesting their sacramental records in order to receive other Sacraments (e.g. Marriage) or to be enrolled in a Catholic school.

 Fr Robert Cross
+61 8 9921 3221
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