Communio Week in Schools

During Communio Week in Schools, Bishop Michael Morrissey invites students to reflect on the Caring Services that operate within the Diocese and how these agencies reach out to those in need.

Throughout the week the Teachers of Religious Education lead students in a variety of activities helping them to focus on those in need within their local community, and to consider how beneficial such agencies are to those who are looking for assistance.  

Each school within the Diocese of Geraldton celebrates a Communio Mass and prayer liturgies take place around the selected theme for the year, praying not only for those in need, but also for those people and groups who work tirelessly in these agencies to care for those less fortunate.

2022 Communio Theme is:

Leading into this special week a poster competition on the theme is organised and enjoyed by the students, with the winning posters getting printed into stickers for everyone to use during the week. 

Another highlight of Communio in Schools is participating in the fun community building activities that students, staff and families create and join in to fundraise throughout the week. The money raised from these activities is then forwarded to Bishop Michael to distribute to the Caring agencies within the Diocese.

Hopefully over the coming weeks the Bishop will receive some photos from the schools of their fundraising activities that we will be able to share with you on this site. 

Bishop Michael would like to publicly acknowledge special thanks to a very motivated Communio Committee in Damian Ramos_Nunez, Donna Kempton, Judi Hollands and Brett Love in the organising of this special week in Schools.

Bishop Michael would also like to thank Kelly Killen from Nagle College for producing such a great Communio Video last year that is too good to remove. He is also very grateful to the many R.E. Teachers who lead their students to discover the importance of serving those less fortunate and how the littlest of efforts can go a long way in not only changing someone else’s life for the better, but can often change the way we feel about ourselves.