All Clergy engaged in public ministry require Faculties granted by the ‘place’ in which they reside and / or exercise their appointed ministry.
Whenever Clergy move to minister in another diocese or parish, they require permission from the appropriate authority in that new place in order to receive the Faculties for that place.

To Minister in the Geraldton Diocese permission can only be granted if the information mentioned below, is included, together with the Personal Declaration Form. 

1. A Valid ACMR ID Number:
An Australian Catholic Minister Register (AMCR) ID Number is a national scheme established by the Australian Catholic Bishops through the National Professional Standards Office. This ID number acknowledges the good standing of a member of the Australian Clergy. Once registered and approved a cleric receives an ACMR ID Number to use in any diocese throughout Australia to confirm their good standing.
NOTE: If the Cleric does not have an ACMR Number both Professional Standard Declaration items listed in the left menu must be submitted, together with the appropriate Application Form.

2. Copy of Western Australian Working With Children Card (WWCC): It is a requirement of the law in WA that all people who undertake child related work must have a valid Western Australian WWCC. Other states and territories of Australia have their own WWCC but these cards are not valid in WA.  All Clergy residing and working in the four Catholic dioceses in Western Australia have a W.A. WWCC that is periodically checked through the Western Australian Working With Children Website

Non-Western Australian Clergy may be eligible for an exemption from requiring a West Australian WWWC. The information submitted on the Application Form will determine if an exemption applies, or if an application for a W.A. WWCC needs to be made.
Even though a non-WA Working With Children Card is not valid in Western Australia, we request you submit a scanned / photocopy of the Card or equivalent document and submit it with your Personal Declaration Form.