You can support your Parish in many different ways. Joining in the Planned Giving is one of the most efficient ways of helping the Parish to budget for its many needs for the year ahead. Planned Giving involves ONLY the Second Collection at Mass, as the First Collection does not remain with the Parish but goes directly to the Diocesan Clergy Remuneration Fund (This Fund is used for Clergy stipends).

If you wish to make a Pledge and support the Parish you will need to do one of the following:-

  • Fill in a MY WEEKLY OFFERING card available at the church door and, using the envelope provided with it, drop it in the‚‚ Collection Plate. You will then receive a box of envelopes to commence your payments.
  • Complete a DIRECT DEBIT Authority Form below, print it and sign it. These forms cannot be emailed to us as‚‚ banks require original signatures. Post, hand deliver or place the form into a Collection Plate at Church. You may also request a box of enveleopes if you wish.

If you are already on the Planned Giving system and you want to continue. You do not need to refill out a Weekly Offering Card but if you are paying by Direct Debit and you put a closure date on the form, you will need to submit a new form.

Thank you for your ongoing support.