"Seek Silence"

As we enter into this time of grace, Lent 2022, it could be said that our world is crying out for this time of grace and renewal.

As the world enters the third year of the Covid Pandemic, the virus and its variants continue to impact on our lives, causing a lot of comment, and different voices and opinions, which unsettle many people. 

Europe is travelling through great uncertainty as a result of the terrible conflict in Ukraine brought about by Russian Leaders.

The changing climate has seen dramatic impacts in different parts of the world and Australia.

The images of the floods in Queensland and New South Wales is disturbing, as in real time we see people sitting on the roof of their flooded homes, waiting to be rescued and taken to safety;  an image usually seen in other countries.

If ever there was a time for reflection and seeking God‘s grace and wisdom, this time is now, during the season of Lent.   Project Compassion has a timely theme this year, “For all Future Generations”.  What happens today will have a lasting impact upon how we live our lives in the future, especially on our children and our children’s children.

The Gospel of Luke (4:1-13) for the first Sunday of Lent, recalls the experience of Jesus after baptism and before beginning his public ministry. Jesus goes away into the desert to seek silence from all the distractions of the world around Him.  The Benedictine Monk, John Main, in his writings from  “Moment of Christ,” says …”silence can be terribly threatening to people in the transistorised culture that we live in”.   Jesus travels into the desert to understand within his humanity, that his purpose and mission is not centred on his own needs and desires, but upon his relationship with God the Father.   We too, can feel uncomfortable in our own reflection when there is a realisation that the same temptations are faced by ourselves.  Self- interest, domination, and spectacular stunts affect every human being. Fr Brendan Byrne SJ writes in The Hospitality of God p.43 …”Jesus will not exempt himself from treading the ordinary path of human life”.

During these weeks of Lent, I encourage you, and this includes myself, to spend a few minutes each day in silence without words, putting aside our thoughts and desires to listen to our breathing, listen to our spirit, listen to God, listen to each other with our family and friends, in silence.  This silence will reveal God’s grace as we listen to the other.

As our world is in conflict,  let us recognise in our own conflicts, the presence of Jesus in the other, for this is our moment of grace. Often this happens in silence because words we speak might cause harm to the other and ourselves. Anthony of Egypt said when asked to speak some edifying words to a visiting Bishop replied, ”if the bishop is not edified by my silence, he will not be edified by my words”.

Keeping in mind what is happening around us, and in our world, Lent is a time of grace and renewal for each of us in life and faith. Enjoy the blessing of Lent and allow the presence of God in your life to enrich your life and all those you meet.


The Most Rev. Michael H. Morrissey
Bishop of Geraldton