Geraldton Catholic Women's League Gather for Special Prayer Service.


Future CWL events:

2pm Saturday 22nd May
CWL meeting in Catholic Centre.

2pm Saturday 12th June
Book Launch, ‘From Here, To There and Everywhere’; Written by CWL member Maria Flavel, where all
funds generated will go to support Guor’s school in South Sudan.

Last Thursday morning the Catholic Women’s League [CWL] Geraldton Branch held a special Prayer Service for the 2021 World Union of Catholic Women’s Organisations (WUCWO) Day in the Catholic Centre, Geraldton. The theme of the celebration was: “Let us eliminate discrimination and violence against women” with all the resources used prepared by the North American Region.

Eighteen local CWL ladies were present and joined by their CWL Chaplain, Fr Larry Rodillas.

The room had been beautifully set up for prayer and reflection, with a lovely altar space. Those gathered were reminded in the opening introduction that each one of them were vessels of light, illumined by Christ, called to shine His light on this world. With the 2021 theme in mind, the ladies were asked ‘to contemplate, pray and ask for strength and courage to face and combat this evil [violence against women]’. They asked the Lord to lead them in ways to help make a world where women are valued and respected with exception. A world where the contributions and complementarity of men and women are accepted as equal and accorded to the same status.

Various readings were shared, and different ladies read the Testimonies and Prayers of Petition. The group then logged in to the WUCWO website to view the amazing video “One Woman: A Hymn for UN Women” and website to sing the closing hymn “Christ Be Our Light”.

Each then lit a sparkler to show that all can “Shine” and be a light for others in our world.

At the conclusion Fr Larry gave a special blessing and all enjoyed a chat and a delicious morning tea.

Special thanks to Pat Miragliotta for her organisation of the celebration and to Sr Flora Recupero PBVM and Rosemary Taylor who helped set up everything to create such a lovely reflective space.