Catholic Women's League Supporting Catechist Training

The first Catechist Training Workshop, organised by the Catholic Women’s League (CWL),  was held on Saturday 5th March and Sunday 6th March 2021 and what a wonderful weekend it was for all involved. 

Nine ladies presented for the training, as well as the Catholic Women’s League Chaplain, Father Larry Rodillas, who was keen to learn a few tricks of the trade as he is based in Northampton and assists with the Sacramental Program at St Mary’s Parish. 

Bishop Michael Morrissey, together with the Director of Parish Life and Mission, Father Gerard Totanes, joined the group for morning tea.  They offered their heartfelt thanks to the Catechists who have volunteered to train and promised their ongoing support for the program. 

Susanne Warr and Mary Sterry,  current Catechists in the Diocese, shared the joys and challenges they have experienced working as a Catechist.

The training itself was delivered by Catherine Nguyen from the Catholic Education Office (CEO) in Perth and Joanne Harris from Geraldton’s Catholic Education Office.  Both were fantastic with their engagement and delivery of the training materials. Their expertise made for a relaxed learning space and generated enthusiasm to continue.

The tireless team of CWL ladies from the Geraldton Branch rostered over the weekend to help set up, serve food, clean, wash up, socialise and pack away.  Thank you for all your hard work, because without the ground force of people like yourselves, nothing would get off to a start at all.

The Catholic Women’s League of WA so generously financed this very worthwhile training weekend, which also included the hire of the Catholic Centre, food and accommodation, for not only the teacher but also for some of the students.  The actual training itself was provided free of charge by the Catholic Education Office of WA.

Bishop Michael was very happy to see such a good number taking part in the training and will continue to keep those taking on the role of teaching others the Faith in his prayers, as they continue in this ministry.

The local CWL themselves are extremely grateful for all the support they have received from the very first, and especially grateful for the funding to begin the Catechist Training and thank both the CWL WA and the CEO for their generous contributions.

Report: CWL Chair, Mrs Jan Bowen

And Helen Long