Bishop's Parish Visitation and Confirmation Round in the northern Parishes concludes

Bishop Michael returned this week to Geraldton after an extensive seven week Visitation and Confirmation Round in the Parishes in the north of the Diocese.

Bishop Michael's pastoral visit to each Parish is a valuable opportunity for him to maintain personal contact with his priests, Pastoral Associates and Parishioners, offering fellowship, support and encouragement.

While in the Parish he evaluates the effectiveness of existing structures and agencies designed for pastoral services and helps him to determine accurately the priorities and means required for overall pastoral provision in that location.

Part of the visit includes inspecting the records of the Parishes, the various Sacramental Registers, Financial Reports, Budgets, Parish Archives and inspecting all Parish properties. Bishop also checked to ensure the Diocesan Parish Safeguarding of Children and Vulnerable Adults Policies and Procedures were in place and fully operational. He audited each Parish's W.A. Working With Children Register, checking that all those carrying out ministries in the Parish were registered with the WWC Department and had a valid WWC. 

In each location Bishop Michael also met with Clergy, Religious, Principals, Religious Education Coordinators, Schools, Catechists, Parish Council, Finance Council, School Boards, Parish Agencies and gatherings of Parishioners. 

Even though Bishop has returned to Geraldton, the Visitation and Confirmation continues, as he has since visited the Confirmation Candidates from the three Geraldton Catholic Primary Schools and shared morning tea with school staff, and he is now preparing to celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation with six different groups over the next coming week.