Two STEM MAD Winning Primary Schools

in Geraldton Diocese


Two primary schools within the Diocese of Geraldton had Teams, St Lawrence’s Primary Bluff Point and St Mary's Primary Northampton were 2022 STEM winners and invited to Melbourne recently to showcase their projects.

What is STEM MAD?

As stated on their website STEM MAD Student Showcase is a celebration of student learning designed to acknowledge and promote STEM learning initiatives that address real world problems and demonstrate the particularity of Catholic Schools; encouraging student to make a difference (MAD) in the world by acting for justice and the common good.

This aligns with the papal call for action in Laudato Si': On Care for our Common Home.

STEM MAD National is a celebration of excellence in Catholic education, in which the nation's best primary, secondary and 'Future is STEM' student teams, nominated by their dioceses, showcase their projects to conference participants, diocesan representatives, sponsors and affiliated organisations, school communities and their fellow students.  

When assessing a team’s submissions, The STEM MAD National Project judges look for

* Design process, including an iterative prototyping cycle

* Links to the curriculum across the STEM disciplines and capabilities  

* Innovative application of scientific and mathematical concepts 

* Engineering and communication principles  

* Catholic distinction of Making a Difference to others and the environment.

and Projects should have a working model and/or digital prototype to be selected to participate in CNA STEM MAD National. 

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St Lawrence's Primary School, Bluff Point  

Some very proud parents and family members joined our 2022 STEM winners at the Catholic Leadership Centre in Melbourne today.

Tingling Touches and Compassionate Coffin Creators showcased their award winning designs to other Catholic Schools from around Australia.

Accompanying teachers, Mrs Knowles and Mr Tunchon, were certainly impressed with the high standard of work that was presented. There were also plenty of other STEM activities happening throughout the day including using VR sets, Lego challenges and flying model planes.

Thank you @Nagle for allowing your students to be St Lawrence’s students for a day. You should be very proud of them.

Well done Team St Lawrence’s.

St Mary's Primary, Northampton

Congratulations St Mary's!