Australian Catholic Superannuation & Retirement Fund
The Australian Catholic Superannuation & Retirement Fund (Australian Catholic Superannuation) is the largest Catholic super fund in Australia and is open to anyone eligible for superannuation.
Over 90,000 members and more than 8,000 participating employers nationally have selected Australian Catholic Superannuation as their choice of superannuation fund.
We offer a variety of services including superannuation, retirement income streams, insurance, financial planning, free seminars and workplace visits.
As an industry super fund for all Australians we invite you, your family and friends to consider our values and benefits and the support we provide to the Catholic community.
When it comes to financial planning, and building then protecting your finances for the future, there can be nothing more comforting than knowing that ƒƒ‚‚'€œGood advice, given in good faithƒƒ‚‚'€ is the way we approach managing your finances.
For more information on our services and how we can work together to further support the Catholic community, or to arrange for us to visit your workplace/school and talk with staff, please contact us.

Jon Cheney
Regional Manager - WA
Australian Catholic Superannuationƒƒ‚ƒ‚‚‚ & Retirement Fund
Office Address: 33 Williamstown Road, Doubleview, WA 6018
Postal Address: PO Box 656, BURWOODƒƒ‚ƒ‚‚‚  NSWƒƒ‚ƒ‚‚‚  1805
Member Assistance:ƒƒ‚ƒ‚‚‚ ƒƒ‚ƒ‚‚‚  1300 658 776ƒƒ‚ƒ‚‚‚
Employer Assistance: 08 9241 5210
Fax: (08) 9241 5219



Vision Statement

We are:

* a welcoming community which reaches out to all
* celebrating Christ's presence
* joyfully living out our Christian calling across distance and diversity

This vision states that as a Diocese, we aim to be a welcoming, missionary, centred on Christ, and each striving to live one's particular vocation. It is in living out our calling that we praise God, follow Christ, influence society and achieve the goal of eternal life won for us by Christ. In the parishes we have encouraged people to measure whatever they do against this Diocesan vision.

Catholic Diocese

7 Maitland Street
PO Box 46
Geraldton WA 6531

Chancery Ph: +61 8 9921 3221

Cathedral Parish Ph: +61 8 9964 1608 (diverts a/hrs)