Christmas Communio Appeal

Dear People of the Geraldton Diocese

2020 will be the year of the Australian Catholic Church’s Plenary Council. Many of you have been involved in the various stages of the journey towards this Council, hopefully your voice has been heard as a baptised member of our Catholic Community. The Communio Appeal is your way of enabling People who are vulnerable to be heard and assisted in some way as a means to restore their dignity or to maintain it.

The Diocesan Communio Christmas Appeal for 2019 is held in our Diocese during the season of Advent and commences in every Diocesan Parish on Sunday, 17th November. I would like to thank you for your generous contributions to the 2018 Christmas Appeal totalling $20,436.

It might seem repetitive to say the Diocese of Geraldton is vast in size with great distances between many of our communities, yet throughout our vast Diocese People’s faithfulness to their small communities reminds me that you have always been beacons of hope in your local community.   As Pope Francis reminded the Australian Bishops, our shoes are meant to be dusty from the work we do in our Diocese. I know your shoes are dusty as you give hope to those who are vulnerable, despite the many obstacles that can be present in your local community. All of us know of people and families experiencing financial difficulties, or who are experiencing difficult relationships or children with families of blended relationships. Many of these people and families need our support and encouragement. 

We have many examples of people and organisations in our Diocese offering support to people in need:-

As Christians we are called to support those who are senior in years, sick or frail and we have a number of organisations within the Diocese of Geraldton providing that support. Every year we make a contribution to Nazareth House in Geraldton enabling them to buy items not usually covered by funding sources.

Communio is supporting the ministry of Sr Gerri Boylan this year with the local Catholic and Aboriginal Communities in the Inland Parish of Mt Magnet, Cue and Meekatharra, as I had hoped it would  in my letter of 2018.

Support is given to families through Centacare in Geraldton, Carnarvon, Mt Magnet and Exmouth. In addition there is  a “Snuggles” programme supporting young parents with their babies in Geraldton and Exmouth and a programme supporting families sending their children to school in Mt Magnet.

Support given to our Parish Communities of Port and South Hedland enabled a number of Aboriginal parishioners to attend the National Catholic Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Assembly held in Perth in October 2018. I attended also and it was an uplifting experience to witness the faith and culture of Aboriginal People from around Australia.

Money raised from last year’s Christmas Communio Appeal, together with reserved Communio funds, contributed $50,000 to these Agencies throughout 2019, along with a few individual contributions to attend to the immediate needs of vulnerable people alerted to us, either by their own approach, or requests through the Priests in the Diocese. 

A number of payment options are offered on the reverse side of this letter, as well as a few optional boxes to tick to help save costs in running the Appeal. A prepaid envelope is also enclosed for your convenience if you prefer to donate by cash or cheque. Donations are tax-deductible and receipts will be issued only to those who indicate they need one. Please ensure your details are printed clearly in BLOCK form. I assure you that your personal details and gift will be kept strictly confidential.

It is only through your generosity all this is made possible and I, together with those who receive help from the Appeal, are very grateful.

May you, your family and friends have a safe, happy and Holy Christmas and a blessed Year in 2020.

Yours sincerely

Most Reverend Michael Morrissey DD

Bishop of Geraldton