Dear People of the Geraldton Diocese

As everyone would know Bishop Justin has retired after twenty five years of Ministry as Bishop of the Diocese. It was during his time as Bishop that the Communio Appeal was launched and developed and is still going today.

As the new Bishop of Geraldton I am delighted to continue with the Communio Appeal as a way of supporting the needy people and needy communities within the Diocese of Geraldton.

As I now launch our 2017 Communio Christmas Appeal I do thank everyone for their generous gifts totalling $23, 281 in last year’s Appeal.

One of my key thoughts as the Bishop of Geraldton is that we do work together as a Community, and the strength of our Community is the level of support we give to our most vulnerable in our Community. These would be families experiencing financial difficulties, families who are experiencing difficult relationships or children with families of blended relationships. Many of those families need our support and encouragement. 

One of the key aspects of being Christian is to support those who are senior in years or sick or frail and we have a number of Organisations within the Diocese of Geraldton providing that support. We know that many people within the Diocese are suffering from mental health issues and often there is little or no support in this area.

I would hope that our support of Communio would go some way in assisting individuals and families with members of their family experiencing difficulty in life.

Some of the Organisations that Communio Appeal has helped in the past year are Nazareth House, Centacare and DrugArm, that especially supports young people who facing the challenges and issues in dealing with drug addiction.

In 2016 Communio contributed $33, 500  to these Agencies, as well as to some other individual needs of people.

There are a number of payment options offered on the return slip on the reverse side of this letter, as well as a few optional boxes to tick to help save costs in running the Appeal. I hope will all take time to complete these. A prepaid envelope is also enclosed for your convenience if you prefer to donate by cash or cheque.

Donations are tax-deductible and receipts will be issued after March next year in 2018 to those who indicate on the return slip they require one. Please ensure your name and contact details are printed clearly in BLOCK form. I assure you that your personal details and gift will be kept strictly confidential.

My good wishes and prayers to you and your loved ones for a very safe, happy and Holy Christmas.

God’s Blessings and Peace

Most Reverend Michael Morrissey DD

Bishop of Geraldton


Vision Statement

We are:

* a welcoming community which reaches out to all
* celebrating Christ's presence
* joyfully living out our Christian calling across distance and diversity

This vision states that as a Diocese, we aim to be a welcoming, missionary, centred on Christ, and each striving to live one's particular vocation. It is in living out our calling that we praise God, follow Christ, influence society and achieve the goal of eternal life won for us by Christ. In the parishes we have encouraged people to measure whatever they do against this Diocesan vision.

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