On Friday 10th of December, the Catholic Women's League (CWL) wrapped up another very busy year with the celebration of Mass and Christmas Lunch. The CWL Chaplain, Fr Larry Rodillas, celebrated Mass with the ladies at St Francis Xavier Cathedral and expounded in his homily the CWL's wonderful work and achievements over the year. Following Mass, thirteen of the local members, who were able to, gathered together for a delicious meal in the relaxed atmosphere of Café 105 on Shenton Street, Geraldton.

The Catholic Women's League in Geraldton gather once a month for a meeting, a cuppa and sometime invite someone from a community group as a guest speaker.

For those who would like to know what sort of things Catholic Women's League do, you are welcome to read the various articles, especially the President's Report, in this December CWL National eNewsletter. The Geraldton CWL of course take all these issues into consideration at their meetings, but they also discuss ways to be present and support their local parishes with the various activities the parish or parish groups undertake, and therefore are often seen in the background at most local parish events or fundraisers serving morning tea or selling their beautiful cakes. One of their many achievements this year was the training up of local Catechists. The ladies organised advertising, registrations, facilitators from Perth and refreshments for the training days that were held over a couple of weekends. The training was very well attended. A further fantastic achievement was the gathering of food items for the popular SVDP food hampers.

Even though anyone is more than welcome to attend meetings or social events, paid membership is encouraged at a cost of $30 annually. The reason? Because it adds power to the CWL collective voice when, as a group, their concerns around issues are presented to the Government. Groups with large numbers of paid members are listened to more than not, which has been the case in the past with Catholic Women's League and is the very reason it is still very relevant today. All mothers and  grandmothers that have concerns with the way things are going in the secular world, can find a supportive collective voice in CWL.