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Hi Peregrino

We are only two weeks now from the first event in the Camino San Francisco 2016 and so we are sending out another newsletter.

INFORMATION NIGHT: Last night we had an information night which was called at short notice, so apologies if you didn’t know about it. We had about 12 in attendance and went through the planned route in some detail and finished by watching last year’s little video clip which brought back good memories for those who participated in the inaugural Camino San Francisco and so enjoyed the experience that they are coming again. So if you are having second thoughts about registering for this year’s Camino, have a look mat that video which is on the Camino webpage and I am sure if you are free you won’t hesitate in registering for Camino San Francisco 2016.

CAMINO SHELL: At the Information Night, we gave out  shells to those who didn’t participate in last year’s Camino. If you didn’t participate in last year’s Camino and live in Geraldton you are welcome to pick up a Camino shell from the Bishop’s House, 7 Maitland Street, Geraldton, and perhaps decorate it personally before the Camino starts. Fr Robert did this to his shell last year as you can see in this photo.

“GET TO KNOW” YOU EVENING: We have organised a “get to know you” gathering and dinner for those able to attend on the Friday evening, 25 August. If the new café/restaurant located in the Monsignor Hawes Heritage Centre (adjacent to the Cathedral) is open by then, this will be where the gathering will be.

The cost of the meal will be extra but we will try to work out a good price with the operators of The Piazza (name of the café/restaurant).

One of our organisers, Shirley McLeod is busily working on a few friendly and enjoyable activities that help the “getting to know you”!

This promises to be an enjoyable evening and we encourage you to try and attend if possible.

CAMINO SAN FRANCISCO 2016 SHIRTS:At no extra cost, this year’s pilgrims (peregrinos) will receive a shirt with words like “Camino San Francisco 2016” on it and a print of Hawes’ dog Dominie.  In order to have these made up we need to know your size. Can you please email your shirt size to Julie Weir by Monday August 15 at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

As it takes time to get these shirts made, if you intend to come on the Camino and are yet to formally register , please do so as soon as possible so we can order you a shirt in advance.

REGISTRATIONS & PARTICPATION NUMBERS:The number of participants (i.e. those registered and the support crew) has yet to reach the number we had on last year’s Camino but the number who had registered two weeks out from the event are much the same.

So hopefully more people will commit to the Camino this week and we will finish up with a similar number to last year, that is around 30 people. The number currently stands at 19.

So if you are thinking about coming along please try to register this week and those tasked with organising the food and other arrangements can set to work with definite numbers.


FLY NETS, FLY AND MOSQUITO REPELLANT & ANTIHISTIMINES:Last year we found the flies were a major problem, which is one of the reasons we decided to move the Camino to August this year. On a reconnaissance trip last week there were no problems with the flies but it would be a good idea to bring along a fly net for your face. These are available at camping stores. It might also be a good idea to bring along some fly and mosquito repellent, especially for the evenings. Many people last year slept out on the Saturday evening under the stars and in tents (by choice as undercover indoor sleeping is available), so some mosquito repellent might come in handy, not that we know there is a problem in this regard. As the Boy Scouts and Girl Guides wisely observe, “Be Prepared!”


FAMILY GROUPS  AND CHILDREN (12 OR OLDER) WELCOME:As advised in our last newsletter, children who are twelve years of age or older, responsible, and accompanied by one or both parents are welcome to participate in the Camino.  It goes without saying that families are also welcome to attend as a group. Children accompanied by a parent will only pay $75 each (a parent or parents will receive a discount of $25 (each) on top of this).

MOUNTAIN BIKE & HELMET HIRE:Just a reminder that we have made arrangements with Bluff Point Camp School for cyclists to hire a bike and helmet for 2 days for a total cost of $50 per bike/helmet. This needs to be arranged in advance by contacting Fr Robert Cross at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

NEW CAMINO STAMPS ARRIVE -During the week we received three new stamps for this year’s Camino . Don’t miss this opportunity to add to your collection!









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