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The 2016 Camino will begin on the evening of Fri 26 August at 7pm in Geraldton with a tour of the Monsignor Hawes Heritage Centre Museum, the issuing of the Camino Shells and one or two other activities.

Please note that pilgrims will be required to find their own accommodation in Geraldton for Friday night.

The 2016 Camino will have the optio of walking or cycling (not both - unless you team up with somebody else).

On Saturday morning, pilgrims walking the Camino will gather at the Monsignor Hawes Heritage Centre and have breakfast at 6.30am and before departing by bus for Kojarena at 7.30am to have their passports stamped and set off on the day's walk. The cycling pilgrims will gather at the Monsignor Hawes Heritage Centre Café/Restaurant at 7.30am for breakfast and depart at 8.30am by bus for St James’ Kojarena Chapel of Ease, where they will be greeted by Pat Mills (whose grandparents provide the land and helped finance the building of St James). Pat will speak about the history of the Chapel before stamping the Camino Passports and officailly launching the cyclists on the 2016 Camino San Francisco.

WALKERS: After departing Kojerena, the walking pilgrims will make thier way to Ellendale Pool which is a distance of 22.3kms with the intent to reach the Ellendale Pool at around 1pm for lunch (Note: We will have a couple of short breaks along the way to keep the energy levels up and as Ellendale Pool is situated a 1.2kms in from the road we may bus you into the picnic and toilets area). After lunch at Ellendale, the walkers will return by bus to the entry road to Ellendale Pool and proceed by foot another 6.4kms to the Walkaway-Nangetty Road where they will be bused 12kms to Arthur Rd. At that point, those who wish can alight and walk the final 3kms into Walkaway. The total walking distance for day one being 31.7kms. If walking becomes a problem at any time, there will be a support vehicle to give you a lift.

CYCLISTS: After departing Kojarena, the cycling pilgrims will cycle along Kojarena South Rd to Tibradden Station where there will be a break to take in some history and some refreshments. Setting off from Tibradden Station, the pilgrim cyclists will head further south to the very beautiful Ellendale Pool where lunch will be provided at about 12.30pm. A restful period will be spent at Ellendale Pool where toilet facilities are located and the adventurous can explore and even take a swim! After lunch, the pilgrims will set off again along Ellendale Rd past Ellendale Station to the Walkaway-Nangetty Rd where with a little imagination one might see a modern Don Quioxte tilting at the many wind-turbines scattered across the landscape.

At around 3pm, the cyclist pilgrims will descend from the Victoria Plain down onto the back flats of the Greenough River, arriving at the first day destination of Walkaway.

Located at Walkaway is the Walkaway Tavern, which no doubt will be a welcome site to imbibe some refreshments and share the adventures of the day. An opportunity of a tour of the Walkaway Station Museum will be provided at this time. Pilgrims will then set themselves up for an overnight stay in a nearby facility, followed by dinner. You will need to bring with you a sleeping bag, foam mat and pillow. You can sleep in the hall, under the stars or in a small tent (if you intend to sleep in a tent you will need to provide your own tent). Please note that an accompanying vehicle will carry any personal items other than those you require with you as you walk or cycle.

On Sunday morning (August 28) it will all begin again.

WALKERS: At 7.00am, walkers will take the bus to Greenough for the start of day 2, which will commence with breakfast at the Greenough Hamlet Cafe. At 8am Mass (for those who wish to attend) will be celebrated in St Peter's Church in Greenough, the last Church Monsignor Hawes was parish priest of here in Australia. After Mass, the Camino Passports wil be stamped and the camino walkers will set off at around 9am for Geraldton, a distance of approximately 25 kms. Lunch is planned at the Greenough River Mouth, approximately 16kms distant. After lunch, the final 10kms of the camino will commence, arriving at aroud 3.30 pm at SFX Cathedral, but not before calling into the Hermitage, where once again your passports will be stamped. Before entering the Cathedral you will unburden yourself of the symbolic stone you have carried along the pilgrim way at the foot of the Cross in the Cathedral ground and before receiving your final stamp and Camino Certificate, you will take part in the first ever formal walk of the newly constructed Labyrinth located in the Cathedral Forecourt.

CYCLISTS:  At 7.15am, refreshed by a morning cup of tea or coffee, cycling pilgrims will set out for the Greenough Hamlet where for those who wish to attend, Mass will be celebrated in the historic Greenough Hamlet Church of St Peter’s, the last Church in which Monsignor Hawes ministered before laving Australia for the Bahmas and the lsat years of his life. After Mass, the Camino Passports will stamped in the Church by local parishioners after which pilgrims will adjourn to the Greenough Hamlet Café for a hearty breakfast.

Following breakfast there will be a tour of the Hamlet before once again mounting our bicycles and heading north towards Geraldton along Company Rd and the Greenough River walk and bike trail.

Arriving at Bootenal Springs, we will stop and walk the Bootenal heritage trail which records an Aboriginal massacre in that area and part of the Dreaming of the local Aboriginal people. After the tour we will cycle to the mouth of the Greenough where we will pause for lunch. After lunch we set off for the final leg into the City of Geraldton via Mahomets Beach.

Cycling past Mahomets Beach we will make our way to one of Hawes’ most quant buildings, The Hermitage, where Hawes planned to retire before changing his mind and heading off to spend his final years in the Bahamas. While visiting The Hermitage, our passports will once again be stamped.

We will then cycle to our destination, the world renowned St Francis Xavier’s Cathedral, authoritatively described as one of the finest Cathedrals to be built in the 20th century and among the top 80 majestic Cathedrals in the world.

Arriving at the Cathedral, pilgrims will unburden themselves of the symbolic stone they have carried along the pilgrim way at the foot of the Cross in the Cathedral grounds. Then, ascending the steps leading up to the Cathedral Forecourt, pilgrims will walk the newly installed Labyrinth before entering the Cathedral where their passports will receive the final stamp and the Bishop of Geraldton will welcome and present them with their testament for completing the 2016 Camino San Francisco.

It is anticpated that the 2016 Camino San Francisco will finish at around 4pm.



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